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Monday, June 6, 2011

Another one bites the dust....

So today, another of my coworkers announced she found new employment and would be gone in two weeks. And I'm glad for her. She has a great opportunity, and a new baby. While we joke around that we are "Neglecting our families, protecting yours," the sad fact is that we aren't really joking. The work of helping families is set up by our court system and by our State Legislature to in fact hurt the families of the helpers. Many of my coworkers are divorced or heading that way.

For now, it means that my case load goes from 2 times optimal to almost 3 times optimal. And that isn't good. We go into Firefighter mode. We put out fires. We try to keep current with standards. Bur really, we cannot be proactive, we cannot be available to people like we should, and we really can't do the job. My voice mail is filled by noon most days, and I cannot return most of the calls in a timely manner. I cannot mentally process all the email requests. And then there are "minimum standards" that I am supposed to be keeping up with. Can you say bare minimums?

All I can hope is that no one dies this month.

And since no one wants a job that sets one up to be incompetent, the exodus begins....

the question is, who is next?
(why yes, my resume is "out there.")

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